Embark on Enchantment: Top 5 Adventure Destinations to Kick Off Your Year (Part 1)

Get ready adventurers, as we’re about to jet-set into 2023 with some of the most awe-inspiring experiences around the globe! We’ve curated a list that combines thrill, culture, and natural wonders to spruce up your travel dreams. Here’s the first part of our must-visit destinations to get your adrenaline pumping and your hearts soaring!

Colombia – The Land of “Encanto”:

Dive into the colorful world that inspired Disney’s “Encanto” with Adventures by Disney’s themed tour. Savour the zest of Colombian cuisine with a private arepa making session, journey through aromatic coffee farms, marvel at the Cocora Valley’s natural splendor, and contribute to conservation at Proyecto Titi. If Disney is not for you, then how about and National Geographic tour that will take you from Bogota to Cartagena?   

Southeast Asia – Temples, Treks, and Traditions:

From the enigmatic temples of Angkor Wat and the spiritual sanctuaries of Thailand to cruising along Halong Bay and exploring the mighty Mekong, Southeast Asia is an adventurer’s paradise. Get up close with cheeky monkeys and immerse yourself in vibrant cultures and stunning landscapes. Thailand and Cambodia have been two of my favorite destinations and I cannot wait to return to this area! 

Iceland – Fire, Ice, and Everything Nice:

Whether self-driving or taking an active tour, Iceland’s diverse terrains beckon. Black sand beaches, dramatic glaciers, and enigmatic puffins offer exhilarating experiences year-round, with endless summer hikes or winter nights beneath the ethereal northern lights. Maybe you would like to snorkel or dive along two tectonic plates! 

Coastal Norway – Navigate the Nordic Seas:

Embrace the legacy of the mail boats as you cruise down Norway’s stunning coastline. Visit quaint coastal towns and experience Norway’s maritime heritage firsthand. It’s an immersive journey into the heart of Nordic culture unlike any other.

Australia – Adventure Down Under:

Australia beckons with its smorgasbord of adventures. Sip on fine wines, catch a wave, or snorkel the Great Barrier Reef. Connect with Aboriginal culture, ascend the Sydney Harbour Bridge, or gaze at the unfathomable night sky in one of their  dark sky parks.  There are so many adventures in Australia, you may have to go more than once!  

That’s it for the first half of our top 10 epic adventure destinations for 2023! Which one of these  destinations would you love to go to?  Stay stoked for our next blog post, where we reveal the remaining 5 must-see spots that promise even more excitement and mystery. Get ready to mark your calendars and pack your bags!



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