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Summer is almost here and that means FAMILY VACATION! I haven’t even started thinking about ours this year yet, have you?  Travel is booming right now so if you are like me and haven’t started planning, you should soon.  Here are some ideas.  


Theme Parks

This is always a big staple for family vacations!  There are options all over the country, and the world for that matter.  I mean who doesn’t want to go to Disneyland Paris or Shanghai?  Almost everyone can find something they like at a theme park and it is hard not to have fun there, even if you are just people watching or enjoying some great food.  



Road Trip

The good ole American Road Trip.  Visit National Parks, historic sites, or stop and see the world’s biggest whatever and enjoy the scenery.  Road trips to popular destinations may take a little planning.  Last year, when this was the vacation of choice for a lot of families, many hotels were full in the most popular spots.  I think for the next couple of years, being spontaneous about your accommodations when you want to stop for the night might not be the best idea.  If road tripping is your thing why not try road tripping somewhere outside of the US.  How about Ireland, Scotland, or Iceland?   



Cruising has been a popular travel style for families for a long time.  All your food is included and if you buy the drink packages, then soft drinks and even alcoholic beverages can be included and are almost unlimited.  Ships are becoming more and more focused on being the biggest and the best with almost an amusement park feel.  They have go-carts, water slides, ice skating, surf simulators, mini-golf, arcades, and more.  One new ship even has a roller coaster!  Ships also have some amazing kids clubs that may focus on science, art, and many other fun, and educational activities. I have heard parents on ships say that their kids didn’t want to go but after the first day, they wouldn’t miss it and didn’t want to be picked up early!   Cruising also has the advantage of visiting several ports, possibly countries, and only unpacking once.  It’s a great way for kids to get a glimpse of other countries and cultures.  



All-Inclusive Resorts

This is a great way to pay for everything upfront so that you can relax and enjoy your vacation!   Many resorts have great properties for families that include water parks, kids clubs, on-site activities, pools, and probably a great beach.  The last family resort that we went to had a sandcastle building contest one day and everyone was having a great time.  Some resorts even include excursions like snorkeling, zip lines, and theme parks.  There is only one family-friendly all-inclusive in the US and it has trapeze classes as well as soccer and volleyball camps for the kids.  I don’t know about you but I would have LOVED it if I could have learned the trapeze when I was a kid!   Although not true all-inclusive properties there are family-friendly ranches that do include meals and some activities.   


Beach Vacations

This is of course a summer staple!   Of course, there are classic beach vacations on the ocean like Myrtle Beach, the Outer Banks, and other southern destinations that are popular with those of us from the Midwest.  Of course, there are other beach destinations like California, Texas, or along the northern east or west coast.  Or you can think a little more out of the box and head to the Great Lakes or other lakes that might be in your area.  



Museums/Culture/ History

Summer vacation can be fun and educational, just don’t tell the kids!   Think Civil War sites, Washington DC, NYC, Boston, Chicago, or San Antonio if you want to stay domestic.  Of course, there are many amazing cities around the world where you can get to experience other cultures and history.  Think of visiting Paris, Rome or England.  



There are many other options that are also great for families around the world!  Imagine the memories you would make going on a safari in Africa, visiting Machu Picchu, or seeing the castle in Germany that inspired Cinderella’s Castle at Disneyworld.   If you are concerned about traveling with your family internationally there are tours that are family-friendly, Disney even has international tours that offer some amazing experiences for adults and children alike.  



No matter what type of vacation you choose for the summer, relax, have fun, and enjoy the memories you are making!   If you want help planning your trip please give us a call, we can take the stress out of planning so that everyone has fun!  

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