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Train Travel

Several train stations, the newest of which is Hongqiao Railway Station, right next to Hongqiao Airport, serve Shanghai well. You can hop a train to Guangzhou (7 hours), Beijing (5 hours), Nanjing and Shaoxing (1½ hours), Hangzhou (45 minutes), Suzhou (25 minutes), as well as a few other nearby places. The G- and D-trains are the fastest and the only type you’ll want to board. You’ll need your passport to buy tickets, which, outside of Chinese New Year and Golden Week (first week of October) can be purchased day-of at the station.

Train Contacts

Hongqiao Railway Station. Hongyu Elevated Rd. Exit, just west of Hongqiao Airport, Minhang, Shanghai, Shanghai Shi, 201107. 021/12306.

Shanghai Railway Station. 303 Moling Lu, Zhabei, Shanghai, Shanghai Shi, 200072. 021/6317–9090.

Shanghai South Railway Station. 289 Humin Lu, at Liuzhou Lu, Xujiahui, Shanghai, Shanghai Shi, 200233. 021/5436–9511.


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