As you know planning a vacation can be very time consuming and stressful.  It really doesn't have to be!   We can help you design an amazing vacation without any stress and very little time on your part.  

With our years of expertise, access to fantastic travel suppliers and first hand knowledge of destinations, you will have an amazing experience and make memories with your loved ones.  

With travel constatantly changing, using a travel professional is essential.  No matter if you are planning a trip to an all inclusive resort in the Caribbean or a self drive through Iceland, we will work with your travel style, personality and travel budget and create your perfect trip.  

2. Glacier trekking - what is it and which parts of the world can you do it


  • Individually designed recommendations and itineraries.
  • Activity suggestions.
  • Expert advice on how to maximize your time at a destination.
  • Destination research customized to your travel style.
  • No relying on online reviews here! We talk to other agents who have recently visited or had clients visit this destination and get their up-to-date suggestions and reviews.
  • Price shopping between trusted and reliable travel suppliers.
  • Provide insurance quotes from trusted companies to protect your investment.
  • Offer additional insurance for your checked baggage free of charge.
  • Available during normal business hours to answer any questions you have.


  • 24/7 support while you are traveling via phone, text or email. 
  • Emergency assistance if needed. 
  • Confirmation of all parts of your travel prior to your departure to make sure everything goes smoothly. 


  • Pre-travel documents will be sent digitally. Printed travel documents can be provided upon request. 
  • Pre-travel call to ensure that all your questions are answered and you are up to date on all travel requirements for your destination. 
  • Management of any unforeseen cancellations or changes. 

How We Work

We will start off by getting to know you with a complimentary consultation.  We want to know how YOU envision your trip, what you like to do, and what you have loved, or not loved, about previous vacations.

Planning and Support

Initial Consultation ...............................Complementary

Planning and Research Fee

This starts at $147 per household.

If your trip is more complex you will be notified of the amount of the fee after the free consultation.

*Up to 3 quotes or revisions to the original quote will be given. There may be an additional charge for more quotes.

Group Planning fees

Planning groups is much more involved than an individual trip. Vacations by Tara will help design graphics for your group, will provide a web page with an itinerary and pricing, and will attend 1 live or Zoom event to help promote your group and answer questions.  Group fees start at $247 and may go up depending on group size and complexity. This will be paid by the group organizer prior to receiving a quote.  Each household will be charged $47 prior to booking.

*Up to 3 quotes or revisions to the original quote will be given. There may be an additional charge for more quotes.

Cancellation/Change Fees

The first change made by the client is free.  After one change there is a charge of $25 per person/ per change.  Please note that there may be change fees from the supplier in addition to this fee.

There is no charge to the client if the travel supplier cancels the trip. However, if the client decides to cancel for any reason there will be a $50 per person fee. This is in addition to any charges by the travel supplier.