Deepo Outlet Center


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Deepo Outlet Center

Since its opening in 2004, the Deepo Outlet Center has grown to be one of the largest malls in the Mediterranean region. Spanning 38,000 square meters, this shopping hub invites you to indulge in retail therapy, enjoy food and drink, or catch a movie throughout the year. What sets Deepo apart is its array of outlet stores offering exclusive deals that draw both tourists and locals alike.


Turkey has an old tradition of manufacturing rugs and tapestry. The values of the rugs are decided by the density of the knots: the more knots, the higher the cost. Rugs made of silk are more expensive than cotton rugs. Avoid the big department stores and people who sell to tourists. They usually sell inferior quality at exorbitant prices. The exclusive brand name shopping in Antalya is located along Konyaaltı Caddesi More everyday ready-made clothing is sold along Atatürk Caddesi and Işıklar Caddesi. In the old district of Kaleiçi, you will find souvenirs, leather products and rugs.