Sponge Pub


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Sponge Pub

Nestled within Antalya's old town, Sponge Pub offers a lively atmosphere complete with beer, cocktails and regular live music acts. From Turkish renditions of classic tunes to original performances, the music is sure to entertain. Enjoy the cosy seating, free popcorn, and an ambience framed by ancient walls. While drink prices are a bit above average, the experience is well worth the cost.

Bars & Nightlife

Antalya truly comes alive at night, offering an array of experiences to suit all tastes. From nightclubs featuring thrilling belly dancing performances and local entertainment — commonly housed within the luxury hotels and welcoming to all — to lively city centre bars that transform into pulsating discos, a good time is practically guaranteed. Seek out Hesapçı Sokak, a narrow street brimming with music, restaurants and garden bars serving refreshing beers. You can choose to follow the loudest music for a vibrant evening, or, if you're seeking a more serene night, explore and find a tranquil cafe that keeps its doors open until late. Either way, Antalya's nightlife promises memorable experiences.