Feria de Mataderos

Buenos Aires

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Feria de Mataderos

The Mataderos fair revolves around one of Argentina's most fascinating national symbols: los gauchos, brave and lawless cowboys who occupy an important spot in the country's culture. The fair offers the opportunity to experience Argentina's culture in its purest form, whether by tasting the local meat, buying typical gauchos' handicrafts or dancing to tango beats.


Buenos Aires is known to be one of the shopping capitals of South America, and it certainly lives up to its reputation. From the trendy boutiques and luxury shopping of Recoleta and Palermo to the antiques and handicrafts of San Telmo to the exquisite high-quality leather products of Villa Crespo to the ubiquitous bookstores spread out all over the city, every corner of the city seems to have its own specialty when it comes to shopping, and it can keep even the most avid shopper busy for days.