Niño Gordo

Buenos Aires

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Niño Gordo

Niño Gordo is a hip culinary hotspot that combines Asian grill with flavours of Buenos Aires. Have a unique gastronomic experience in an environment that combines intimacy and mystery with the playful spirit of pop culture.


The first thing that pops into people's minds when thinking of a typical Argentinian dish is certainly steak. The whole country is famous for its juicy and flavorful steaks from grass-fed Pampas cattle. "Parrilla", meaning both steakhouses and the grill itself is key to the country's cuisine and culture, but be sure to explore other culinary trends during your visit. The popular "bodegones", or neighbourhood eateries, serve meat, pasta, fish, pizza, and many other kinds of food. A large number of new restaurants are opening regularly, bringing a larger variety of international specialities (i.e Asian, French, Italian and South American) to the dining scene in Buenos Aires. However, let's not forget about the most important and symbolic national street food, the "choripán", the ubiquitous grilled chorizo sandwich.