Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires

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Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires

The Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires (MALBA) is one of the country's, and perhaps the continent's, premier art museums, boasting astonishing collections and temporary exhibitions. One of the main draws is the enormous 19th and 20th century Latin American exhibit, but be sure to check out the cinema and the wonderful gift shop, as well.

Do & See

It's difficult to fit everything there is to do in Buenos Aires into any itinerary, no matter how hard you try. Art-lovers will have plenty to enjoy at the world-class museums and theatres, shopaholics will splurge at the numerous markets selling everything from antiques to leather, fans of architecture can admire the art nouveau, art deco and neoclassical style buildings that dominate the different neighbourhoods, foodies will delight at the top-notch steakhouses and fusion restaurants, and the list goes on. It is above all, however, a city that begs to be walked, and wise travellers will take their time exploring broad avenues and narrow alleyways alike, taking in all they have to offer.