Bar Británico

Buenos Aires

Copyright: Diana2803/cc by-sa 3.0/wikimedia

Bar Británico

Sitting right in front of Lezama Park is Bar Británico, one of Buenos Aires' historical bars that opened in 1928, featuring wooden interiors that seemingly haven't changed from that era. Here you can have a coffee and pastries, but also more filling meals like empanadas, meat or vegetable-filled turnovers, fried calamari and salads coupled with a glass of wine.


Porteños take their coffee seriously. They usually like it black, strong, and with lots of sugar. They also like to take their time with it, lingering for hours at one of the city's many historic cafes. The romantic images of bohemians, artists, and writers working away on their next masterpiece in the secluded corner of a crowded cafe come to life in Buenos Aires. Take your time to discover these fascinating places, experience the vibe of a porteño cafe and while you are at it, take advantage of the well-known Argentinian pastries.