Theatres on Avenida Corrientes

Buenos Aires


Theatres on Avenida Corrientes

Buenos Aires can boast of being an important centre for many things, among them, theatre. Avenida Corrientes, besides being famed as the birthplace of tango, is home to a huge array of world-renowned theatres that offer top-notch performances and concerts year-round.

Bars & Nightlife

Like most great cities, Buenos Aires is best experienced at night. Not only is it a city that never sleeps, but it is also a place where the fun is just getting started after midnight. When the sun goes down music starts spreading everywhere, theatres have late-night showings, restaurants and bars start to get crowded for dinner and it is only from 1 am that the local 'boliches' (nightclubs) start opening their doors. The city's unique nightlife, which usually lasts until past 7 in the morning, is sure to have visitors sleep deprived, but always wanting more.