Alaskan Cruise Holland America July 1-8, 2023

Cruising is a great way to get a taste of Alaska.  From cruising up the inside passage, getting up close to glaciers in Glacier Bay, and enjoying the rustic ports along the way, this is one of my favorite cruises.  Holland is the expert in cruising in Alaska because they have been there for 75 years!

Cruise on the perfectly sized Eurodam.  This ship is a mid-sized ship and carries just over 2000 guests. Holland is known for its fantastic live music.  You can choose each night from Rolling Stones Rock Room, dueling pianos at Billboard Onboard, and performances by classic musicians on the Lincoln Center Stage. My favorite show on the ship was BBC Earth in Concert where they show clips from BBC Earth combined with live music from the Lincoln Center musicians.

Holland has a lot of educational programs to learn about your destinations and great kids programs.  You may have heard that Holland is mostly an older crowd and it is true that most of their clients fleet-wide are 55+ BUT this is usually less true of Alaska and they do have Club HAL for children.  This is a perfect multigenerational trip.  Just imagine being with your kids or grandkids when they see a whale for the first time in Juneau or when they get up close to an actual glacier.  Talk about making memories to last a lifetime!

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Each cabin will receive a few special surprises!